Carla endorsed by One Pennsylvania

Carla has received the endorsement of One Pennsylvania.

“One Pennsylvania unites low income and working class activists with the support of a broad coalition of community, labor, faith, and students’ organizations. Our members are workers, students, parents, seniors, people with disabilities, and retirees who are excited to learn, collaborate, and build power. Together, we tackle the fundamental economic justice and political participation problems of our community.
No matter the issue, we work to shift the balance of power into the hands of the people. We amplify community voices and offer leadership development and political education. We educate and mobilize our neighbors to become informed and active voters. We hold politicians accountable relentlessly. We campaign for good, family-sustaining jobs, strong and healthy communities, and corporate accountability.”

The match couldn’t be more perfect. Carla’s campaign has been based on taking the election to the people, talking face-to-face with the voters. As City Commissioner, her focus will be on voter registration and turnout, fostering community engagement and outreach, educating the electorate about the importance of elections and understanding the responsibilities of the offices on the ballot. The City Commissioners office will be a presence in all wards of the city, holding public meetings in the community to listen to the residents’ concerns, not for them to just listen to us. Education of young people on the relevance and value of voting is important to her as well as we must create the path of succession.

Michael Kleiner