Carla Cain: A new vision for Philadelphia City Commissioner


City Commissioners are responsible for elections and voter registration in Philadelphia.

The three elected commissioners manage an administration to maintain data, manage election procedure, prepare voting materials, process ballots, report and certify results, and encourage Philadelphians to register and vote.

Carla Cain wants to make the last item the priority item. Our City Commissioners’ primary responsibility should be to engage the electorate and increase voter registration and turnout. If barely half of eligible Philadelphians are voting, then the system is failing.


Carla Cain is running for City Commissioner.

Carla Cain is a community organizer, activist, and advocate for the most ignored voices in Philadelphia. A lifelong resident of Philadelphia, Carla grew up in Logan with her parents and ten older brothers and sisters. Part of a family that valued community involvement above all else, Carla was driven to politics after the murders of three nephews on the streets of Philadelphia.

After graduating from Northeast High School, Carla registered to vote and has voted and volunteered every election since. With a Masters degree in Government from Strayer University and over 15 years of experience leading charitable programs and coordinating with community agencies, Carla thinks the City Commissioner is one of the most undervalued offices in the city.

Currently finishing a Ph.D. in Government Policy and Planning, Carla recognized the office’s responsibilities while serving as Democratic Committeeperson for the 22nd Ward, 25th District (since 2010 to present). If our institutions aren’t engaging the electorate, how can we expect a functioning electorate?

A recipient of the NAACP Leadership Award, Carla lives in East Mount Airy with her husband of over 25 years as their son and daughter pursue higher education. Following their parents example of service to others, their children have traveled to New Orleans to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and continue to volunteer their time towards public service.