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Carla takes part in AFSCME District Council 47 Endorsement process March 14

Carla participated in the interview portion of the endorsement process by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) District Council 47 on March 14. Eight of the 13 Democratic candidates completed a questionnaire from AFSCME ahead of time and were invited to the next step. The candidates, who appeared in two panels of four, delivered an opening statement, took questions from the endorsement committee, and then gave a closing statement. Carla invoked the legacy of Octavius Cato and her commitment to protecting voting rights, increasing registration and turnout, the office being a resource for committeepeople and the public. She criticized the process in selecting new voting machines without public input. With potentially two new City Commissioners taking office in January 2020, massive training will be needed to get the Commissioner’s office acclimated to them, then election workers, committeepeople and the voters.